Godwad Safari Camp, Bera, Rajasthan, India

The “Godwad” Leopard Camp is an idea derived by a team of experienced tourism professionals. The thought is to club all our experience together & provide the visitors with a memory immersed in the syrup of authenticity, care & a true experience of a wildlife & cultural safari.

The team operating the “Godwad” Leopard Camp is a group of individuals experienced in various aspects of tourism. With a background of operations in adventure tour operations in Rajasthan & years of experience in mobile camping in places like Pushkar, Jaisalmer, Kutch, Kumbh Mela etc., This will be the first fixed base for our team in safari camping.
Our sister concern list of other tourism ventures is mentioned below on the web page.

The “Godwad Leopard Camp” is located in the heart of the region popularly known as “Godwad” (to know more, please read the Godwad section on our homepage). It is an area not only dear to Leopards, birds & other wildlife but at the same time, is one of those few areas which have preserved the local cultural practices, as close to its most authentic existence.

The cultural immersion opportunities in this region are immense even today. The kinds of people you will interact here with are:
1) The maverick shepherd community of “The Raikas”.
2) One of the oldest tribes to exist in India “The Garasiyas”.
3) The tribal warriors called “The Bhils”.
4) The nomadic ironsmiths “Gadoliya Lohars”.
5) The porter’s community “Kumhars”.
6) The community of faith healers “Naths”.
Of course, the main activity here being a Leopard safari, but there a plethora of activities to indulge yourself as a guest of “Godwad Leopard Camp” (please visit the activities link on our home page).
So we welcome you with the warmth of our traditional hospitality for which Rajasthan has been known for centuries & the “Godwad” region also holds a special place in this legacy.


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