Godwad Safari Camp, Bera, Rajasthan, India

The word Godwad (pronounced as goad – waad) in local language literally translates to “area in the foothills”…..The hills locally are called”Mangras” & the natives-when asked about their home or location, promptly say:” Mangra re god (pronounced as goad) me” meaning: “in the foothills”.

So , for this very reason, the foothills of the Aravalis in South Rajasthan comprising of Pali & Sirohi districts are generally referred to as - “Godwad”. Apart from being a very rich bio – diversity zone, it is also one of the most culturally rich areas of Rajasthan state. We would gladly say that like its motherland India- Godwad too is a rich example of “unity in diversity”.

Examples such as The Evasive Leopard crouching its way through the bushes hoping to pounce upon its prey, a lovely Demoiselle Crane standing on one leg doing the yoga posture in pristine waters around various water bodies, a shepherd from the maverick “Raika” community meandering his flock of sheep or a farmer busy with his daily business – all of these in the vicinity. The co – existence of Man & Nature has been an example from ages & the region of Godwad is still one of the finest examples of it.

The “Aravalis” is one of the oldest mountain ranges known to Mankind. Godwad region too exists under the patronage of this very mountain range which has nurtured this region & its natives with motherly care and affection. But Godwad, as the child of mother Aravali, is slightly different from some other regions of Aravalis. It’s a very diverse area climatically but has always been a potent place for agriculture & animal grazing. Though it might have a hostile terrain but also is home to many species of Flora & Fauna. The rocky hills around this region are outcrops of Granite which also provide a perfect hideaway for the evasive leopard.

The Leopards have lost their territory to ever increasing pressure of human demands from the nature. This beautiful creature is under enormous pressure of losing its territory forever. Keeping this in mind, the government declared this region as a Leopard conservation zone. After this protection, the density has increased and so have the chances to sight the Leopard in its natural surroundings.


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